Sharing Photos

How to Share Photos

with the Troop

The troop holds multiple outings each year and one of the ways you can look back and relive those moments is through photos. Everyone that goes on an outing is encouraged to share their pictures with the troop. Here is the easiest way to share photos.

  1. Add/Upload pictures you want to share to your personal Google Photos account. Google Photos is available on Computer, Android and IPhone or IPad. The easiest way to upload photos is to use Backup and sync. The other option is to Upload them using your browser. See Back up photos & videos.
  2. Select pictures you want to share. Be particular with what you share. In other words, don't share every picture you took unless they are all good. Don't include blurry or out of frame shots. If you have multiples of the same picture, pick the best one and leave the rest behind.
  3. Once you have selected your photos, add them to a new album. See Create and edit photo albums.
  4. Name your album something easy to recognize (ie. 201804 Richfield Heritage Preserve). In this example it is easy to see the year and month of the outing as well as where it was held.
  5. Now share your album with the troop google account. See Share photos & videos.
  6. Photos will appear on the troop website as either part of a web page or in a troop google photos album as soon as the webmaster can get them added. You can access these from the troop web site under the Past Outings menu item.