Outing Guidelines

Items Not Permitted During Outings

Per national rules of the Boy Scouts of America, the following are NEVER permitted:

  • Sheath knives, any non-closable knife, or any knife that can be opened with only one hand such as a switchblade, jackknife, butterfly knife, etc.
  • Fireworks
  • Alcohol
  • Non-Prescription Drugs

Troop 810 rules, as set by the Troop Committee, also PROHIBIT the following:

  • Radios, CD- Players, Electronic Games
  • Any other personal electronics
  • Scouts are not permitted to have cell phones in their possession during all outings. If a parent/guardian feels their son needs to have a cell phone available for contacting home it will be held by an adult leader. The adult leader will allow the scout access to the phone during an emergency or when it is deemed appropriate.

If you have any questions regarding an appropriate item to bring on a campout, ask your Scoutmaster before you bring it. Items prohibited by the Troop Committee will be confiscated and returned to the scout at the end of the campout and a written warning given to the scout. Items prohibited by the Boy Scouts of America will be confiscated and returned only to the scout’s parent at the end of the campout. Further this constitutes a higher offense and both a verbal and written warning will be given to the scout and his parents.