1. Each rank has requirements that must be demonstrated to a Star Scout or above. When it is successfully demonstrated, the Star Scout or higher can sign and date the Scout book. This can only be done by a parent if a parent is an Assistant Scoutmaster or Scoutmaster.
  2. The Scout does not have to wait for a special meeting to work on requirements, but can demonstrate to an older Scout during a break at the regular meeting.
  3. At summer camp, the Scout will learn the skills that he will then bring back to a Troop meeting, and after demonstrating the knowledge of each item, the book will be signed and dated by a Star Scout or higher.
  4. After all requirements of a rank are met, the Scout contacts the Scoutmaster to arrange a Scoutmaster conference. This is a meeting between the Scout and Scoutmaster whereby the Scoutmaster will make sure the Scout is prepared and ready and able to answer the questions and demonstrate the skills required for that rank, as well as make sure they know the answers for prior ranks as well.
  5. After a successful Scoutmaster conference, as evidenced by the Scoutmaster's signature in the Scout book, the Scout contacts the Advancement Chair to arrange for his Board of Review. The Advancement Chair will need at least 72 hours to arrange for a Board.
  6. The Advancement Chair secures volunteers and coordinates the Scout's attendance at the Board of Review.

Boards of Review

  1. Scout should follow the motto, "Be Prepared".
  2. Be prepared to be asked questions on any and all rank requirements for the current rank and any prior ranks.
  3. If the Board does not feel the Scout is prepared, the Scout will be informed of this and told to return in 1-2 weeks 4. for another Board.

Parents are encouraged to sit on Boards, volunteers are always needed. Boards are usually held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, the same time as the PLC meeting is held.

Merit Badges

  1. The Scout obtains the blue card from the Advancement Chair BEFORE beginning merit badge but AFTER discussing it with a merit badge counselor. The Blue card needs to be completed by the Scout for the sections as to applicant information and Merit Badge being taken and signed by the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Unit Committee Chair or Advancement Chair before meeting with the counselor.
  2. Scout contacts the Merit Badge counselor to coordinate a meeting to begin work on the badge. There is a list on the GCC BSA website of counselors outside of Troop 810 as well as the Troop 810 list on our Resource page.
  3. Scout can obtain a Merit Badge book from the Troop library, making sure it is checked out appropriately with the Librarian, and download the workbook and requirements at
  4. Scout meets with the Counselor as directed until all requirements are completed to the satisfaction of the Counselor. Scout may be directed by the Counselor to complete all requirements and them meet with the Counselor to discuss and approve and have the blue card signed off.
  5. Completed blue cards are signed by the Counselor and the Counselor keeps their part of the card and gives the other two to the Scout.
  6. The Scout keeps the applicant section and has the Scoutmaster sign on the official section and then gives it to the Advancement Chair to obtain the badge which is usually given at a subsequent meeting.

Eagle Scout

  1. Life Scout begins to think of ideas for an Eagle project and meets with the non-profit organization discuss the project.
  2. Life Scout can work with Troop Eagle Scouts as mentors and gather ideas.
  3. Life Scout begins the write-up of the project if approved by the non-profit organization, the head of which can sign the initial project as being approved.
  4. Life Scout then meets with the Advancement chair to review the write-up and project. The Advancement Chair will most likely have suggestions for changes and it will need to be revised for further review, and might possibly result in changes and more discussions with the non-profit organization. After revisions it will then be reviewed by the Scoutmaster. Once the Advancement Chair and Scoutmaster are satisfied with the project and write-up they will sign off on the project.
  5. After the 3 aforementioned signatures are obtained, the Scout contacts the District Advancement Chair to meet and discuss the project. The District Advancement Chair must then sign the project.
  6. The Scout may begin work on the project only after step 5 is complete.
  7. After the project is completed, the Scout obtains the signature of the organization head as being satisfied as to completion, and the Scoutmaster.
  8. The Scout meets with the Advancement Chair to obtain his Scout record, fill out the Eagle appliction and complete the Eagle packet. After the Eagle packet is complete, the Advancement Chair delivers this to the Council.
  9. After the Council approves the packet, the District Advancement Chair contacts the Troop Advancement Chair to arrange the Eagle Board of Review.

Organization and Communication

  1. To arrange for blue cards, Boards of Review, Eagle projects or obtain information on advancement, contact your Scoutmaster.
  2. 72 hours notice for any Board of Review is required as well as for any meeting required.
  3. For any Eagle projects, the Advancement Chair needs at least 3-4 days to go through the initial project and updates for changes